Monday, May 5, 2014


Today the boy turns 5.  FIVE.  Five years old.....time is flying way too fast for this mama.

I remember Owen's birth like it was yesterday.  I remember those words that forever changed my life.  Down syndrome.  Those words were so scary 5 years ago, but not any more.  5 years has given me time to process, find my way, and learn that my boy is just that--a boy who can be stubborn, happy, frustrated, and joyful....all within a 5 minute period.  I remember wondering what age 5 would look like and sometimes not even being sure we'd get there.   And now that we're here, I want to just freeze time for a bit....if only that were possible!

So in honor of the fifth birthday, here are 5 things I love about my little guy.

He can't get enough of the pool.  There are times when he's had to be carried out crying because he doesn't want to leave.  I do believe Owen was a fish in a former life.

Owen knows "his people" and he loves them.  When he sees his private speech therapist come out into the lobby to get him, he lights up.  There is no bigger smile than the one he flashes when Dad walks through that door at dinner time.

His fascination with technology is interesting to watch.  Owen can navigate just about any tablet or smart phone after watching someone do it.  Of course his favorite thing to do is find the reset button, so I spend a lot of time re-downloading everything on the Kindle at least once a week.

He knows how to get your attention even if he can't do it verbally.  I often feel a little hand being placed into mine so I can be led to the pantry for a snack, the kitchen slider to go outside, or the playroom to get the cars or a few books.  And if I'm not moving fast enough?  Well I tend to get a two-handed push on the backside!

Every night after we've read our books, the lights go out and the nighttime music plays (which of course includes the Rockabye Lullabyes of Journey, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and the Beatles!).  And every night, Owen grabs my hand and holds it.  Sometimes we have a little conversation and sometimes he just falls asleep right away, but I love that time and that little gesture.  He might be a Daddy's boy, but he knows who will always offer comfort and be there when he needs it.

Happy birthday, dear Owen, happy birthday to, Mom.

Birthdays are hilarious!

What?!  I'm five already?!

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy 5th Birthday to this sweet little boy :)

  2. Okay, those photos are precious! I giggled at how he "resets" everything. Yep, I can see that. . . along with the pushing along the backside! Ellie does that too! Happy birthday, little dude!

  3. Happy birthday to the cutie pie! I love the five things about him! He's such a clever little guy. I love the bedtime part. I find there's nothing sweeter than ending the day tucking in your little ones!

  4. Happy 5th birthday to Owen!!

  5. 5 years old means he is a big boy now. 4 seems so small but 5 sounds so grown up! Happy belated birthday to Owen!


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