Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Party

We once again had a small party to celebrate Owen's birthday.  Since we can never bet on the weather here in MN during spring (last year it snowed on his May.......yes), we held it at another indoor park that has a very large climbing structure and an open gym with basketball hoops and a bounce house.  It also happens to be one of Owen's favorite places and we have gone there a lot in the past.  Typically it's a very busy facility on the weekends, so I chose to have the party on a week night for a couple of hours.  Imagine everyone's surprise when we literally had the place to other birthday parties were there and only a couple of other families were there playing.  It was great!  We all had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to see some friends that we haven't seen in awhile because all of our schedules are so crazy.

I think my favorite part of the night was watching Owen try to blow his candles out.  2 of his friends "helped" him by blowing them out first, so we did have to re-light the candles three times.  But that was pretty funny!  Watching Owen really try to blow those candles out showed me just how hard he works with his speech therapist.  He understood the whole concept this year--singing (still not overly fond of that!), cake, candles, blowing them out.  I tried to prep him a lot this year by watching an episode of Elmo's World on birthdays and reading several books about birthdays and parties including a well loved copy of a Curious George book.  We even practiced blowing out the candles with George when we read the book.  He still wasn't that interested in opening up his presents, but we made it through that quickly so that his friends could see their gifts being opened.  His friends were very thoughtful and really picked out some great things that he enjoys!

**Special thanks to Kristine who manned my camera during the cake/candles and present opening!**

I got a hoop from Mom and Dad and I'm working on shot already

Blowing out the candle on my actual birthday!

Party cake

All my friends enjoying pizza

Here comes the cake!
Working hard to blow those candles out

Yay for parties and friends!


  1. I love all the pics of Owen trying to blow out the candles! Ellie just tries to grab them. . . while still lit. Anyway, it looks like a fun party and Happy Birthday to Owen!!!!!!

    1. Owen also tried to grab the candles last year. But we have talked (and talked and talked and talked) about how we don't touch, just blow them out. We do a lot of practice in our house before anything sinks in!

  2. Looks like BIG fun! What a fantastic cake!

  3. Aw, love the candle blowing pictures!, cute cake too!

  4. Looks like it was a fun party! Awesome that you had the place to yourselves. Love the pics...especially of Owen blowing out the candles! ;)

  5. Happy birthday Owen! Love that basketball hoop!


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