Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pool Boy

Last week was Owen's last swim lesson of the 1st spring session at our local YMCA.  He was once again paired with his favorite instructor, D.  He worked with her last year for a couple of sessions, but then got paired with others.  I always thought he did his best with her and just seemed to have a lot of fun.  She's really great with him, uses sign language, gives him wait time to answer her questions, and has an arsenal of games and songs to use to motivate and play.

Even though the session was only 7 lessons, he seemed to progress quite a bit.  I'm sure it helps that we go to the pool as a family at least once a week, sometimes twice if we can swing it.  He is SO close to just letting go and swimming on his own, but he still needs to figure out that coordination of arms, legs, and blowing bubbles.  We also need to get him to wear his goggles so that he can learn to go underwater, but one thing at a time!

The best thing to come out of this session............Owen learned to float on his back!  And he can do it with and without a floatation device (just needs reassurance that someone's hand is barely under his back).  He is not afraid at all and doesn't "squawk" when asked to do it.  He just does it and of course he's super proud of himself afterwards, demanding everyone clap for him.  That is one demanding request I'll be happy to oblige for the little man!

Hoping the next session brings a new learned skill and more fun!

Using a pool noodle without any fear
Kicking up the water
Collecting all the stars to give to D
Playing "motorboat" with D
Back floating like I've been doing it my whole life!
I love the pool.  Can I live here??


  1. He is such the little fishy! We just started swim lessons. I wish that she would see Owen being quite the rockstar as Ellie is clinging to me as though the world is ending. At least she isn't screaming bloody murder anymore! Great pics, btw!

    1. It'll come, just give her time. Owen's been in the pool for as long as I can remember--it's his "thing". He often cries when we leave because he simply doesn't want to get out. He can be such a drama king.

  2. Love swimming! It's a life long skill and SO therapeutic!! Brielle (my 18yo with CP) did aquatherapy for several years and it was wonderful!

  3. OMG, what a cutie!!! You had made a comment on my blog so I had to stop by and see your little guy. I love swimming pictures. My two are also part fish. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Love the smile while playing motorboat! You can tell he sure loves to swim!

  5. Love it! Usually I think Owen and Ben would love playing sports together but when it comes to swimming Owen and Colin would have a blast!


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